Is the Republican Party America’s Achilles Heel?

From American Thinker:

The hierarchy of the Republican Party has published a 100 page new and improvedgame plan entitled the “Growth and Opportunity Project” ostensibly to win future elections and re-tool the party.  While this effort is an improvement over similar exercises in recent years, it contains a number of major flaws indicative of the fact that the Party is still operating as if the national  political landscape was the same as the 1980’s and 90’s with a recognition that demographics and news dissemination has changed.

The most egregious of these flaws is the inability of the Republican Establishment to understand that the American Left, who are now in control of the Democratic Party, are the implacable enemy in a battle for the heart and soul of America.   A further amplification of this failure is the inability to recognize what the strategy of the left has been over the past 50 plus years as well as why it has been so successful.

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