Jerry Brown joins union’s Vegas party

From SF Gate:

Leaders of the 215,000-member California School Employees Association are urging voters to approve Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for higher taxes this fall to help save the state’s cash-strapped schools from even more cuts.

But when it comes to spending their own cash, the union bosses prefer Las Vegas.

That doesn’t seem to be a problem for Brown. He jetted off to the desert Tuesday to join 1,400 school worker union leaders and delegates at their convention at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino – where, of course, they were dropping a nice chunk of change into the economy of neighboring Nevada.

The union represents school janitors, clerical workers, food service employees and other support staff – all of whom have been hit by the downturn in California’s finances.

“I didn’t plan the party – all we did is respond to the invitation,” Brown press secretary Gil Duran said Tuesday after the governor’s in-and-out trip where he stumped for his tax plan.

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Photo courtesy disneybrent, flickr