Judge orders Los Angeles to move thousands of homeless during coronavirus crisis

The city and county of Los Angeles must find shelter for thousands of homeless people who are living near freeways, a federal judge ordered Friday, saying their health is at risk from pollution, earthquakes and the novel coronavirus.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter issued a preliminary injunction requiring relocation of an estimated 6,000 to 7,000 people camping near freeway ramps and under overpasses and bridges. He gave officials one week — until May 22 — to come up with a plan for providing humane housing.

“Without adequate access to shelter, hygiene products and sanitation facilities, individuals experiencing homelessness face a greater risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, and an outbreak in the homeless community would threaten the general public as well,“ Carter wrote. …

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  1. What gives the judge this authority to demand this. He has decided the tax payer is responsible for government failure to do there job. The local governments have created the problem. If it is unsafe to be under the freeway then why are people allowed to drive on them.

  2. Philip Gallanders says

    Judges, be they State or Federal, DO NOT CONTROL THE PUBLIC PURSE. Judges cannot levy taxes, or force a civil authority to do so in order to conform to an opinion from the bench. Taxation of the public is solely the purview, responsibility and the right, of the Legislature. Not the Judiciary. Not the Executive.

    In the U.S. Constitution, it is called Article 1, Section 7, “All Bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”.

    In the California Constitution, it has been amended so often it is like a Rube Goldberg device, but, all revenues still in one way or another (Taxes, Bond Issues, Propositions) originate in the State Legislature.

    This judge can go pound sand, or go back to law school to relearn and hopefully understand, that the Judiciary does not and cannot raise taxes.

  3. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) incarcerate approximately 117,000 people and operates 34 prisons throughout CA and leases 1 prison from a private company. Why not deport incarcerated illegals to free up our jails then reappropriate inmates to cluster in specific areas so the homeless can occupy empty beds, are provided food, medical, mental health services, etc. We are already paying for occupancy. Let’s house our homeless instead of illegal criminals.

  4. Damocles says

    Well that’s one foot in the door. Add that to a gang of government appointed thugs to go door to door to REMOVE ANYONE THEY DEEM NECESSARY in the general population that have a home and you pretty much have a clean sweep and total domination . We CAN’T VOTE THIS OUT when the vote is rigged. Even if we could these traitors just like cockroaches would just melt into the background and continue to bring down America . Wakey Wakey minute men.
    From the Sword of———-

  5. I don’t know what the controversy is about this judge and his ruling. Just ship the homeless to San Francisco, the “shithole” of the state. Once there, the homeless will get free housing, needles, drugs, alcohol and meals.

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