L.A. City Council Bans Homeless Encampments at 54 Spots

The Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday approved a ban on camping at certain locations, in the first use of new laws that passed over the summer.

In a 12-2 vote, the council outlawed sitting, sleeping and lying at 54 locations in three of its districts. Amid contentious debate over the summer, the council enacted new rules regulating sitting, sleeping and storing property near fire hydrants, building entrances, driveways, libraries, parks, elementary schools and several other locations.

The council also asked that resources for outreach to homeless people in these locations be expanded and for city departments to draft new procedures to ensure people sleeping on the sidewalk aren’t forced to move without proper notice. Though the new procedures have been drafted, the city has yet to hire the staff to provide more outreach to accompany the new rules.

That worried several council members, who said their colleagues were rushing the process and should wait until there were more resources to help people. …

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  1. Homelessness has become a huge political football in California, with each Democrat attempting to give the homeless more benefits than the other Democrat. These folks who love to spend someone else’s money almost as much as ( well, never mind ). What these folks, giving away your money, don’t realize is that word is getting around. I would submit that all politicians in San Diego be required to go to the bus station, ((Directions to the bus station will have to be provided to the majority of local intellectuals ) and watch the homeless people getting off the buses arriving from the colder climes of the nation. In 1950 California had 17 homeless persons and upon further inspection, it was found, they had all been kicked out of their homes via divorce lawyers.

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