L.A. Official Wants to Fine Unmasked Citizens

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Koretz called Wednesday for the city to issue financial penalties to those who fail to wear masks in public — starting with $100 for the first violation.

Koretz, who represents a district stretching from the Westside north to Encino, wants the council to impose a series of escalating fines for those who fail to comply with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s three-month-old emergency mask order.

Under the proposal, those who are caught in public without a face covering a second time would be fined $250. A third violation would cost $500.

If Koretz’s colleagues sign on to the proposal, L.A. would join other Southern California cities who have already adoptedManhattan Beach financial penalties, including , West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. …

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  1. Frank Sullivan says

    Where is the “science” to justify such draconian measures? These local marxists are so very quick to punish law abiding citizens based on “science” they do not, or will not identify. What study indicates a 50% decrease in the spread of the Wuhan Virus? I have yet seen the evidence from these officials (including the feckless news media) indicating the effectiveness of masks, especially bandannas and and surgical masks (different from the N95 masks) https://www.wsj.com/articles/do-diy-masks-help-stop-coronavirus-11587720603. The disease is nothing to dismiss, but the overheated emotionalism by politicos, news media and the general public has convinced me there is something unholy about what is being given to the public. Whenever I hear the demand for masking I am reminded of Fauci telling the public face masks were not necessary…that was before he became Playmate of the Year. Disgusting…

  2. Robert Spooner says

    The HIPPA law forbids anyone in California to demand or even request a citizen or a visitor to wear a mask. The CA Legislators need to get their heads out of their butts.

  3. John Belzer says

    He is also likely in favor of defunding the LAPD. 1984 taught him well about unleashing the snitches, as this would be the practical effect.

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