L.A. schools won’t reopen till November

No campus in Los Angeles County will be allowed to reopen to all K-12 students until at least November, although schools can begin to offer small in-person classes for children with special needs at no more than 10% of capacity at one time, county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said Thursday.

The news will be a blow to students, parents and educators who have been hoping that progress against the coronavirus might allow for campuses to reopen on a faster tract. However, the small in-person classes for children who need special services, announced last week, could allow at least 200,000 students back to campus across the county.

No districts are currently required to offer in-person services to students — and officials with both the L.A. Unified School District and the district’s teachersunion have said they are opposed to any full campus reopenings at this time, citing safety concerns.

Some smaller school districts and private schools had hoped to open elementary campuses through a state-permitted waiver process, but Ferrer said that the county would not grant waivers. State guidelines allow for such waivers to help young students who have particular difficulties with online learning. …

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  1. Teacher union members are needed to be out vote-harvesting and walking precincts rousting up all Democrat votes. They can’t waste their time in classrooms until at least November since the teacher union job number one is to defeat Trump..

    If Trump wins again, they will learn they were never needed anyway since they failed to indoctrinate their students in sufficient numbers.. Don’t expect Calif K-12 to ever open again. They would not be able to withstand four more years of Betty DeVos breathing down hard on their decades of total failure.

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