LA County’s pandemic toll: 7,500 small business, 400,000 jobs lost

Los Angeles County lost more than 400,000 jobs and saw 7,500 small businesses permanently shuttered last year as COVID-19 upended the region’s economy, a new report finds.

Industries that depend on in-person customers and employ low-paid workers were hardest hit because they weren’t able to pivot to a remote-work model, the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.’s “Pathways for Economic Resiliency” study says.

The county’s restaurants and food-service outlets suffered the deepest impact, with a loss of 104,600 jobs between February and October of 2020. On-again, off-again mandates from the state and county forced many restaurants to close or reduce staffing.

The average annual wage for restaurant positions – including such jobs as waiters, waitresses, cooks and dishwashers – is $25,000. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Daily News.


  1. Not to worry.
    Biden is bringing in 25,000 illegals and thousands more are on the road to escalate the homeless & unemployed numbers .
    Restating a previous worn out lament: “Is This The Change You Voted For?”

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