Laguna Beach becomes first city in Orange County to ban smoking in town

As reported by the Orange County Register:

LAGUNA BEACH — The only place people will be allowed to smoke in this resort town will be inside their homes and cars.

On Tuesday, May 9, the City Council voted unanimously to expand its ban on smoking that already covers beaches and parks.

The new ordinance bans smoking throughout the city, including on sidewalks, bike paths, alleys and in parking structures. The ordinance is the first such restrictive ban in Orange County. It will go into effect after a second reading in 30 days.

The ban also applies to vapes and e-cigarettes. Last summer, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a package of tobacco bills that included these devices in the state’s smoking ban restriction. The ban would also apply to smoking marijuana in the same places tobacco smoking is prohibited. …

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  1. Pagejaws says

    Next step, ban Republicans from talking in public, just like they already ban them from talking on college campuses.

  2. Pagejaws says

    I wonder if they consider Asthma inhalers as Vapes?

  3. askeptic says

    Laguna Beach, where you could get a positive “High” just walking on the sidewalk along PCH at Main Beach.
    Nice little town you used to have there.

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