Lawmaker wants $500 million to help California college students with food and housing

A little over two months ago, Angel Huerta was working two jobs, attending UC Riverside full time, and didn’t know where he would find his next meal.

“Often, I went two days without eating anything,” the 21-year-old senior said Wednesday, Nov. 6. “On most days, I’d only have one meal.”

The stress associated with food and housing insecurities, Huerta said, caused his grades to drop. He was placed on academic probation. That’s when he sought the help of the on-campus food pantry, and it made a huge difference. He is no longer on probation and is on track to graduate in June 2020, he said.

“I wish I’d gotten help earlier,” he added. “It made a big difference in my life.”

Huerta spoke Wednesday at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut in support of legislation proposed by Rep. Norma Torres, D-Pomona, to help students like himself – those who are in college, working two or more jobs, and struggling to make ends meet. …

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  1. The Captive says

    Margaret Thatcher
    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”
    This is what the Demorats want to prove they can do it and drive CA into
    the poverty of THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES―

  2. I worked my way through college with only an entrance scholarship and no family support available. The results were pride and achievement. Taking money from taxpayers would never have been acceptable to me
    I understood that most taxpayers worked hard for their money too.

  3. My grandson has been working two jobs plus renting an apartment with another guy while going to sdsu and he seems to be making it with money he’s adding into his savings in hopes that he can get into med school. He’s got a lot of loans but he’s not milking anyone else to pay his way through life. I’m just wondering if he’s working 2 jobs what is he spending his money on and why would over priced CA introduce such a stupid idea???

  4. It’s called paying life’s dues. It would be more important for Mr. Huerta
    to review the marketability of his study major.

  5. They are trying to tax us out of existence.
    And sadly, they are succeeding.

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