Lawsuit Claims SAT And ACT Are Illegal In California Admissions

Fatima Martinez knows there’s a lot riding on her SAT score.

“My future is at stake,” says the Los Angeles high school senior. “The score I will receive will determine which UC schools I get into.”

But that may not always be the case.

A lawsuit expected to be filed Tuesday is challenging the University of California system’s use of the SAT or ACT as a requirement for admission. A draft of the document obtained by NPR argues that the tests — long used to measure aptitude for college — are deeply biased and provide no meaningful information about a student’s ability to succeed, and therefore their requirement is unconstitutional.

“The evidence that we’re basing the lawsuit on is not in dispute,” says attorney Mark Rosenbaum of the pro bono firm Public Counsel. “What the SAT and ACT are doing are exacerbating inequities in the public school system and keeping out deserving students every admissions cycle.”

Public Counsel is filing the suit in California Superior Court on behalf of students and a collection of advocacy groups. …

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  1. We need this conversation, but simply removing the SAT and ACT without replacing them without something better won’t solve anything. We at One World Education Centre promote a joint university major admission system based on current practice in Hong Kong and Australia, by which students are ranked according to their results on a matriculation examination, international university admission test, and grades, then matched with institutions whose programmes are similarly ranked according to market demand, with only ties being broken by holistic admission factors such as a personal insight essay, letter of recommendation, personal profile, and the like.

  2. TheRandyGuy says

    We do not need to remove the standardized tests. They are objective, and removes the uneven grading scale present in most high schools. This is nothing more than an attempt to admit unqualified minorities in greater numbers. If Jose has a 4.0, there is no reason for him to pull a 19 on the ACT…. unless that 4.0 is fictitious.

  3. The Constitution does not protect policy nor academic law and equal protection can not apply to an individual states policy the same. I suspect a win at the State level to maintain it’s social alignment with the ACLU but tossed by SCOTUS as predicted. Expect the SAT test to become history and the degradation of California’s education system to continue along its path of producing ignorant students at the highest cost in the Nation.

  4. SAT and ACT have been the standard for years. Now a below standard whiny student wants to bypass the system. Typical of these people.

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