Leaving California: These places will pay you to move there

It’s the talk of the town these days: With a booming job market pushing real-estate prices through the roof, jamming freeways and making the most quotidian of tasks seem downright wearisome, a lot of California residents are either heading for the exits or are already gone.

Consider the San Jose Mercury News’ story this week of the startup offering to pay residents $10,000 to pull up roots and leave town. Why? As a way to get workers to move to more affordable places around the country, then pair them up with companies that can’t afford the bottom-line-busting salaries typical across the high-cost Golden State.

Still, while the company, called MainStreet, might be pushing Californians out, some states, cities and towns across the nation are pulling in the other direction, offering benefits of all kinds and cold hard cash to bring in the recently uprooted. …

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