Los Angeles, California cities ‘overrun by rodents’

Photo courtesy of channone, flickr

An ever-growing number of rodents in California — particularly in Los Angeles — is being fueled by a spiking homeless population and restrictions on rodenticides that are risking a public health crisis, according to a study released Tuesday.

The report by political action committee Reform California cites recent rodent-related events over the past six months, including an employee at the Los Angeles Police Department contracting Typhus and a rat falling from the ceiling of a Buffalo Wild Wingsonto the menu of a patron, as proof of an “undeniable problem” in the Golden State.

“California is being overrun by rodents,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California. “Without immediate emergency action by state and local government, we face significant economic costs and risk a public health crisis.” …

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  1. Steve Nelson says

    “California Overrun by Rodents” I wasn’t sure if this would be an article about our state’s current roster of pols or actual rats. In either case, the headline is sadly true on all accounts. Like rats, the Dems leave destruction, disease, and, dare I say, fecal matter wherever they govern.

  2. The reason we have this rat problem is because of the original “RAT” problem.

  3. Carl Foreman says

    If we have a plague outbreak, our health care facilities will fail due to the large number of ill. The death toll will be high and the city of LA could become a quarantined no-go city.

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