Massive changes to California voting spark fears of Iowa-style primary chaos

As he looks ahead to California’s March 3 Democratic primary, Neal Kelley is having sleepless nights.

Kelley is the elections chief for Orange County, part of a wave of California counties rolling out sweeping new balloting procedures affecting millions of voters in the nation’s most populous state.

He has good reason to be worried.

Memories of the chaos that plagued Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses on Feb. 3 have election officials nationwide looking to avoid similar embarrassment. Iowa’s results were delayed for days, in part because of the failure of an unproven vote-counting app.

Some mammoth California counties are unveiling their own new voting technology. They’re also eliminating thousands of polling places in the hopes that voters will make use of expanded mail-in balloting or take advantage of extended early in-person voting. …

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  1. Want to vote as, as knowledgeable as possible? Then wait to vote at your ballot location.

    That way you have the best up-to-date information.

  2. They sent me a mail in ballot. I did not request one nor would I ever request one. i do not trust a single person at the California Registrar’s office. I called and they could not tell me or would not tell why they sent me one. The only thing they would say is “You vote in person” that answer did not make fell like they cared.
    I believe that this is the fault of California allowing a third party (The DMV) to interfere. I suspect that every illegal who has a CDL was registered to vote in Ca. This state already disenfranchises any voter who is not a democrat with their top two voter primaries. Most of the time there would be two democrats to choose from! That equals no choice in my book!

  3. I don’t and never will trust CA election process, this is the state of corruption and blatant stupidity. I’ll bet if you took all the voters and had them gather in groups based on their presidential selections you would find enormous discrepancies, heck I’ll bet if you had a website that you went to and entered who you voted for the numbers wouldn’t come close to matching. The won thing that sticks in my mind is the election of Gov Greaseball, to save me I will never understand how they called that race long before the East Coast even announces winners. So sad, John Cox would have made a 100 times better Governor over the corrupt dictator twosome Newsom.

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