New California Law: It’s no longer a crime to refuse to help a cop

A legal vestige from California’s Wild West days is no more.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill striking down a law that makes it a crime to refuse a police officer’s request for help.

The California Posse Comitatus Act of 1872 made it a misdemeanor for any “able-bodied person 18 years of age or older” to refuse a police officer’s call for assistance in making an arrest.

Posse comitatus derives from medieval English common law, but saw widespread use in America’s early days, including as a tool of enforcement for the Fugitive Slave Act. …

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  1. SHANE CONWAY says

    Is there ANY doubt whatsoever that the current democrat party is absolutely anti law and order? How else would you explain the trend to refuse to assist police officers when they summon your help, the mass release of felons from state prisons, the refusal to prosecute ILLEGAL aliens for illegal acts, including murder and rape? Or the criminalization of firearms while legalizing drugs?

    In California, there already exists a state Prisoners’ Union. Next up will be the legalization of pedophilia. All you normal people had better wake up. Fast!

  2. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    I have supplemented the First Aid kit in my car with an addition for the statistically impossible occasion that I might see Gabby Tiresome sprawled on the sidewalk needing assistance – a large pillow and a plastic bag. I will leave the instructions to your imagination.

  3. There should not have to be a law forcing a person to aid a police officer in need of help. This is something that every American should be proud to do. If it pisses you off to see a police officer doing their job you have no idea just how pissed off you would be if he or she wasn’t there to do the dirty work. Think about it, if you can.

  4. Rich Hargens says

    Well mr. Gov. I Hope some day you need help and a Police Officer doesn’t help you.

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