New California Law Makes It Easier To Sue Cops Who Violate Civil Rights

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday signed a bill (SB 2) that will eliminate several legal immunities that shield law enforcement from civil rights lawsuits, a move that will make it easier for victims of excessive force and police misconduct to sue the officers responsible.

Today, one of the biggest hurdles to hold officers accountable is qualified immunity, which prevents government agents from being held liable for violating someone’s constitutional rights, unless they violated “clearly established” constitutional rights. This doctrine has yielded downright Kafkaesque results. Just in California, Fresno police officers accused of stealing more than $225,000 and Los Angeles County social workers accused of sexual harassment have all been granted qualified immunity on the grounds that it was unclear whether stealing or sexual harassment were constitutional violations. 

As an alternative to federal courts, lawmakers in more than half the states have introduced bills that would let individuals sue law enforcement officers in state court for violating the state constitution, according to the Institute for Justice. In theory, a state cause of action would let victims bypass the complicated hurdles imposed by qualified immunity in federal courts.   …

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  1. Robin Itzler says

    This is how liberals accomplish their goal to “defund the police” without having to actually defund the police. Shame!

  2. Now, are they going to pass a law allowing cops to sue the perps if they are resisting arrest or fleeing or fighting or shooting at the police? I’m waiting!!!!

  3. If you gotta’ appeal to your voter base, you gotta’ appeal to your voter base.

  4. What we NEED is a law that allows or encourages voters and taxpayers to sue politicians that abuse us!!!!

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