New Poll: Newsom Has Big Lead In California Recall Election

Gov. Gavin Newsom would easily defeat an attempt to recall him if the election were held today, as many Californians are optimistic that the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind them and believe the governor is doing a good job, a new poll indicates.

The poll of likely voters found that 56% oppose removing Newsom from office while 40% back the recall, according to the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. That’s almost as wide a margin as in the 2018 governor’s race in which Newsom defeated John Cox, one of the Republicans who has declared himself as a replacement candidate in a recall election that is likely to be held later this year.

The survey “is good news for Newsom,” said Mark Baldassare, the institute’s president and CEO. “The burden of proof (to recall Newsom) is on the people who brought this before voters, and they haven’t moved that level of support much since 2018.” …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. All I can say for Kommiefornia is “stupid is as stupid does”. Are the citizens of California that stupid? It seems so.

  2. sheldon lawrence says

    get the word out to the idiots who thijnk hes a good governor

  3. It’s all about the optics/public perception to influence voters. 700 out of 1000 Democrats were polled. Don’t believe anything that is written or posted by California media outlets. Newsom has been having multiple affairs and NOT ONE So called newspaper is reporting it. But very well known in political and lobbyist circles Polls are rigged! Computerized voting machines are easily manipulated! So California is a microscopic banana republic of what is happening in DC now! Most legitimate Voters left California for Idaho, Montana, Texas, Utah and Florida. Until enough of what is left of legit voting Californian’s realize the Democrats do NOT give a shit about you, maybe then they will stand up to the massive fraud that is the Democrat Party!

  4. So 60% have totally bought into the CP Agenda?

  5. Did anyone notice what the “provenance” of this article was? San Francisco Chronicle? Doubt if this is a “right wing” paper, espiecailly coming out of San Fran, the home of Pelosi Poop.

    • Sorry, “especially”. Engage brain before hitting “send”!

    • Francois P Jerins says

      SF comical. The pollsters are all DemoRATs. 30% plus that voted to recall this scumbag were democrats. We have 2.5 Million people that signed. The only problem is that it’s who counts the votes and not who voted for the recall that counts. Stalin said, “It does not matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes” Welcome to Commiefornia. The state has turn into a turdworld state. Lock and load. Get ready for the next American Revolution.

  6. Cindy J Culcasi says

    I signed the recall petition and I am not so sure I believe this poll. I know many dems who are sick of Newsom and the democratic party and they signed the petition and voted for Trump this past election (and these are Californians). From day one of the recall, the news media has been saying the recall would never happen and the signatures weren’t there. Looking at the website of Public Policy Institute, they appear to be left leaning. Just more fake news. At least I hope it is fake news.

  7. This may well be spin but it could easily be true also.
    I still recall with amazement the state Proposition that approved the “Train to Nowhere”. The argument was basically “Repubs are against it”. Californians voted for the boondoggle in droves.

    Either a whole lot of Californians are nuts or the election irregularities experienced nationally in November have been in play all this time here in CA. If you live here, the distinction is moot. We’re being subjected to insane policies.

  8. I believe the SF Pravda…er… Chronicle as much as I do Fake News MessNBC or the Communist/Comedy News Network
    Polls are used by the Demmunists to SHAPE opinion, not REPORT it.

    Check out their Board of Directors…
    Starting with Clintonista Leon Panetta, it’s more like the unofficial Commiefornia Politburo!

  10. Black, Latino, Asian will vote to keep Newsom. For the most part, they are not complaining the loudest.

  11. Due to a lack reality-based education, especially in the ‘dismal’ (but real) science of economics, many if not most CA voters, not to mention national voters, will unfortunately continue to be PLAYED by the so-called ‘Democratic’ Party’s Marxist-inspired fantasies, fairytales, and deliberately-manufactured crises, all designed to (slowly but surely) squeeze the life-blood from our nation’s CAPITALISTIC (i.e. free-market) and DEMOCRATIC (i.e. free-speech, etc.) society! The notion of taxing ‘wealth’, something that (presumably) has previously been taxed as ‘income’, is just one more such Marxist fantasy!

    Our nation’s Founders gave us a REPUBLIC ‘if we can keep it’. But (keeping) Newsom, and his ‘socialist’, if not ‘communist’, acolytes in positions of power and authority is exactly the WRONG WAY ‘TO KEEP IT’ !!!

  12. Typical push-poll to gain the desired results. A more accurate and telling poll question would be to ask, “do you think a recall election would be legitimate?”

  13. Sounds like a “Dominion Poll”…

  14. mark d young says

    They have to justify the voter fraud in this recall election by astro turf polls.

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