Newsom orders ban of new gas-powered cars by 2035

In a dramatic move to tackle climate change, Gov. Gavin Newsom today ordered state officials to ban new gasoline-powered cars within 15 years. 

California has for longer than half a century been a leader in driving new, cleaner car technologies with its regulations. Today, Newsom raised the stakes: On the hood of an all-electric red Ford Mustang Mach-E, he signed a new executive order that aims to eliminate new models of traditional cars and put more vehicles powered by clean technologies such as fuel cells and batteries on California’s roads. 

The order also tackles fossil fuel pollution before it comes out of tailpipes, tasking California lawmakers with putting an end to new fracking permits by 2024. The Newsom administration’s approval of new oil and natural gas fracking permits this summer has drawn criticism from environmental groups

Taking aim at Californians’ beloved cars is a risky political move, especially amid an economic crisis. And the state’s power to enact a ban will hinge on the presidential election, and will likely be tested in court, according to some legal experts. 

Car companies Honda and Ford applauded the announcement. But some automakers, including General Motors and Toyota, are likely to mount an aggressive campaign to fight the order, saying it is a massive undertaking that requires an overhaul of fuel infrastructure, building codes and consumer demand. …

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  1. Aidan Downey says

    it is amazing that this idiot thinks that in 15 years – from that date forward – ALL internal combustion engines (diesel and gasoline) sold in California can be replaced by (presumably) electrically powered vehicles. What a fantasy!!! And the news media reports this with a straight face. Given all the problems that California has this just makes Newsome look worse than Gov. Moonbeam.

    • Ca cannot produce enough electricity now has rolling blackout like 3rd world countries, and purchases from Az and other states that use coal etc, wake up

  2. Is the Governor planning to provide a garage for every person who owns a car, so they can charge up their electric fuel cell car each evening? Will there be an equivalent number of charging stations at each gas station? The Governor ignores that Californians have been _voluntarily_ changing over to hybrid vehicles and that this trend would probably continue without an executive order from this power-crazed politician. Might this be the straw that gets another million people to sign the petition to recall Newsom now?

  3. This will more likely promote the expansion of power stations and sub-stations all over California. Heck, the power grid can barely keep up with the demand now!! So they’re going to add another 30 million electric cars to the grid??

    • Indeed, even if the funds were available today, the state & power monopolies could not upgrade our electrical systems within the 15 years to meet their goals on solar winf and car elimination.

      Just look at how long the HSR has taken to get a few miles built. This would be laughable if not sad.

  4. I sense a problem with trying to sell a $40,000 car to someone only making $50,000 a year, In fifteen years the GAV won’t be governor and anyone with any money to buy a new car will be long gone.

  5. Newsome has a basic lack of reason and he has mega stupidity -It is not just his IGNORANCE that puts him in the same class that AOC but the inability to logically reason . He is making sure children are not educated through reason and logic —-through right and wrong — Yes he accepts criminal behavior because he is one of them by his actions.
    May another million people just wake up and choose to get rid of this most evil governor who has not only advocated not clearing in the forests as well as dumbing down and indoctrinating children in the government

    • You are 110% CORRECT!! Are the sheeple so dumb, that they will re-elect this stupid fool?
      Go to RECALLGAVIN2020.COM, print out the recall petition, get your friends/relatives to sign it if they are registered voters and let’s get rid of this a$$hole! Isn’t he related to Pooplosi??

  6. This is a great idea. If we use nothing but electric vehicles we will reduce the demand on our power grid and reduce rolling blackouts…wait, sorry that is not true. This will increase the demand on the already taxed grid, increase rolling blackouts, prevent people from charging their vehicles and force them to stay home and become more dependent on the government. (Isn’t that the real goal here?)

  7. So now if we have a Brown Out or an actually power outage then the cars will sit with a dead battery. Then if you have an emergency i.e. a forest fire you and your car will just sit there and burn!!! Real Smart decision on King Newsom’s part. We have to get rid of him and find someone that has some logical thinking and decision making ability.

  8. All the above comments are correct. What has not been asked is under what section of the State Constitution does the governor have the right to tell anyone they may not buy an auto of their choice.

    When did this Marxist Dictator (does Maduro come to mind) have a bill passed in the Assembly and Senate stating this?

    Democrats = Marxists
    Democrats = rioters and looters
    Democrats = irrational
    Democrats want to turn the nation into a one party dictatorship.

    And you vote Democrat why?

    (oh and it is not the Democratic Party it is the Democrat Party)

  9. Well thats one way to obliviate the traffic issue. There will not be enough power available to keep all the electric cars charged

  10. Christopher Luengo says

    Wow, what a complete power hungry moron. Our State can’t even keep the power running when it gets too hot or the wind blows too hard. How does he expect to provide enough electricity to power all the electric cars? All the big trucks, SUV’s and gas powered vehicles pay for all the subsidies given to build the electric cars. Without the money from all those sales, the cost to sell a small electric vehicle, will be well over $60,000.00. Tesla’s would cost over $200K, if they weren’t subsidized. How are all the working class families, single parents, minimum wage earners, etc., out there going to afford the cost of expensive electric vehicles? This whole idea that King Gavin can wave his pen and all is fine, is just moronic. He won’t be in office, and God willing, he won’t even be in the White House, as that is his goal, along with his Aunt Nancy Queen Pelosi. I for one and my family sure as heck won’t be in this toilet of a state by then. Yes, a toilet, as that is what he turned SF into and that is what is happening to our state.

  11. Simply put in the words of Red on that 70’s Show; “Dumb Ass!

  12. So Gavin… where are you going to get the power to charge all these vehicles?
    You have a hard time keeping the lights on now. California is has shutdown or is in the process of shutting down all their nuclear power plants and converting everything to wind and solar..
    If I recall recently the sun went down during a heat wave on the West Coast and we had “rolling blackouts”..
    I understand the need to reduce our carbon footprint.. natural gas burns clean also, we have plenty of it in the state! Those are all blue-collar, high paying jobs..Too much common sense.
    BTW how may folks have $50K around to purchase one of these.. then pay to install a charging station and charge it with our current electricity pricing – we pay some of the highest utility prices in the country…along with everything else (gasoline, taxes, consumer goods etc..) I does not make any sense.

    • Diablo Canyon to shut down in 2025 been deleted from this place three times already. in three days.

      Then where is the Guv. going to get his gas tax dollars for the state budget and road repair? My neighbor bought a generator as I thought about it as we have way to many PG&E black outs in northern Cal.. One so far this year.waiting for my next warning late Sunday. I understand a fire just started near easr Calistoga this Sunday AM

  13. There is no such thing as man made climate change. It’s nothing more than a communist democrat fraud to gain more control…for your own good of course.

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