Newsom Threatens to Revive Closures in California

Explaining his decision to require limited bar closures in seven counties, Gov. Gavin Newsom warned Monday that the state will continue to pull back on reopening as COVID-19 spreads in California.

“The bottom line is: We’re doing this because we have seen an increase in the spread of this virus,” Newsom said. “We need to take further steps and that’s exactly what we did this weekend.”

Newsom reported a 45% increase in coronavirus cases in the last seven days and said the rate of positive tests is now at 5.5%.

As of Monday, the state is monitoring and working with 19 counties that have failed to meet guidelines for hospitalizations, transmission of the virus or sufficient testing for at least three days. …

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  1. I heard a trauma physician on the radio today say that the increases in the positive tests are entirely meaningless. Only numbers of significance are (a) increases in number of ICU admissions, and (b) increases in deaths or death rate. Both of those numbers have flattened or decreased steadily. The ICUs are “full” not of CoVid-19 patients, but of those who had to postpone for 3 months necessary life-extending care for conditions like cancer, strokes, organ failures and the like. We WANT people to be more universally infected so we can establish the kind of immunity that actually destroys the virus, instead of leaving it waiting in the wings indefinitely. Of course the elderly and those with immune compromise must continue to be protected, stay home to the extent possible and only go out with masks and social distancing. These rules just do not need to be applied to the entire population, where those who test positive often have no symptoms or just a mild cold or flu for a few days. Newsom is drunk with power, in his ability to shut down OTHER people’s lives.

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    Oh, and what the heck, here is the link to the Recall Gavin website while we’re at it:

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