Not just Wisconsin: California portends bad news for public-sector unions

From Human Events:

While most of the nation’s attention was focused on Wisconsin’s recall elections, other local governments were taking important steps toward breaking free of public-sector unions, as well. Scott Walker’s victory shows us that, despite all the noise, unions are in decline in traditionally Democrat-leaning Midwestern states. But, in some ways, two local elections in California may portend even bigger things for the reformists.

When you’re looking for public-sector union carnage, there is no better place than California, a solidly Democratic state where pension-plan funding for government employees is more than $500 billion in the red. Gov. Jerry Brown’s tepid 12-point pension reform plan hasn’t gone anywhere in the state legislature, but  two of the state’s — and country’s — biggest cities dealt unions major setbacks Tuesday.

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Photo courtesy kcxd, flickr