O.C. death toll tops 1,000 from virus

Reported COVID-19 deaths in Orange County topped 1,000 this week as fatalities continue to rise throughout the state in response to the summer surge of coronavirus infections, even as cases statewide start to stabilize.

On average, people who succumb to the disease die 28 days after being infected, said Dr. John Swartzberg, a UC Berkeley infectious disease expert. As new infections continue to decline, deaths also will fall off in the weeks ahead.

Orange County’s total pandemic death toll reached 1,018 reported deaths on Thursday. Dr. Margaret Bredehoft, the county’s deputy director of public health services, called the number “a tragic milestone.” …

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  1. Wow! but wait a minute. How many died all together in OC? How old were the OC people? If they were over 60, did they have heart trouble, diabetes, COPD also? How many died from the flu in that same period? Was it convenient to check off Covid (Chinese Flu) instead of what really took them out? Seems to me that the CDC has a piece on “co-morbidity” Seems to me that there is a overwhelming panic mode from exaggeration or better, the REAL picture.

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