O.C. Overtakes Riverside for No. 2 Spot in Total Infections

Orange County now has the second-most coronavirus infections in California, as the region and state continue to grapple with sharp spikes in the number of confirmed cases.

The cumulative COVID-19 case count in Orange County was 29,986 Tuesday, just ahead of Riverside County’s 29,983. Only Los Angeles County is higher, with nearly 160,000 cases.

Over the 14 days leading up to Tuesday, Orange County reported 12,104 additional COVID-19 cases, a figure that trailed only that of Los Angeles, according to The Times’ coronavirus tracker. During that same time, Riverside County confirmed 9,428; San Bernardino County, 8,754; and San Diego County, 7,135. …

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  1. Rottweiler says


  2. Disgusted in California says

    Maybe IF covid patients weren’t being brought in, in the middle of the night, from other areas the numbers might be a lot lower, YA THINK??????

  3. The public has yet to be informed as to what to do when you have symptoms. Until this information is a national policy and the public is educated, there will be fear and there will be manipulation by the Commie Dems. Biological warfare against the American people is working without specific education.

    The President must come out with this policy and open the pathways to allow it to begin across the nation.

    This contagious virus MUST be treated as the medical field has always treated the very contagious HEPATITIS AND TUBERCULOSIS. If you are found to have either, you will be hunted down by the authorities and be made to take the appropriate medication. No error here!

    But with the contagious virus, we just all wear masks. I doubt anyone stays home for 14 days in quarantine with this virus. If they do, it is a death sentence as the virus takes hold and these people end up in the ICU on a vent.

    This virus must be treated EARLY WITH HYDROCHLOROQUINE, Z-PAK AND ZINC, no matter who, no matter what age the person is. This is the only way to bring down and gradually eradicate it.

    The Dems are fighting against all the best interests of this country and its people. They are spreading lies and standing in the way of the President in his every step and syllable. The CDC must take it off their no use list NOW! The President must speak of a new national policy to eradicate the virus. So much is at stake.

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