Oakland protesters set fire to courthouse, smash windows

A protest in Oakland, California, in support of racial justice and police reform turned violent when a small group of demonstrators wearing helmets and goggles and carrying large signs that doubled as shields set fire to a courthouse, vandalized a police station and shot fireworks at officers, authorities said.

About 700 demonstrators participated in what started as a peaceful march Saturday night but then some broke from the larger group and smashed windows, spray-painted graffiti and pointed lasers at officers, said Officer Johnna Watson, an Oakland Police Department spokesperson.

Several fires were set in the downtown area, including one at the Alameda County Superior Courthouse that was quickly contained. Demonstrators hurled rocks, ceramic paint-filled balls and frozen water bottles through windows at the courthouse, federal building and police building in a raucous night that was unlike peaceful marches that have taken place in the city in recent weeks, Watson said. …

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  1. So when is enough, more than enough? Time to arrest these criminals, determine where the money is coming to support them and if it is welfare, garnish it until the damages are paid for. If it is “The Agenda” supporting these criminals than they should be charged with aiding and abetting the criminal acts and imprisoned for the max time as well as their property seized to pay for damages to business as well as government properties. Responsible American taxpaying citizens are tired of picking up after these low lives. BLM has become no more than a Communist front used by the “Agenda” to push America back to where it was left by the previous POTUS and their “Take America Down from Within” Agenda.

  2. If fireworks were shot at officers and lasers pointed at them as well, can’t the police return fire in defense for their own protection?

  3. UpChuck.Liberals says

    The damn Soros Judges and DA’s release them as soon as they are arrested, fine do that. But announce that if ANYONE in the area throws or attacks the police or law enforcement, they all shall be considered to be part of the attack. Period, end of discussion, break a few knee caps, they can be released from the hospital by the Soros judges/DA’s, who, IMHO should be in the hospital with them just before being hauled off to prison for breaking their oath of office.

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