Obama Channels FDR: Party like it’s 1932

From Hot Air:

The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger recently pointed out the parallels between the campaign Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran in 1936 and the one being waged by President Barack Obama today.  It was a terrific column. I nodded my head at the various FDR phrases Henninger repeated, showing how President Obama is using variations on FDR’s jabs at big business, greed, and those who stood in the way of helping the needy. Yup, he pegged that one—Obama wants to use what he thinks was FDR’s strategy to win his own sophomore term.

But FDR said some things in his previous election battle that Republicans would nod their heads to today, and the campaign that springs to my mind when I view the 2012 contest is the 1932 match-up between challenger FDR and incumbent Herbert Hoover. Republicans could learn some things by studying it.

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