Obama, Romney spar over Pentagon spending

From Washington Times:

In a time of deep deficits and tight budgets, President Obama says the Defense Department cannot be entirely spared the scalpel. But Mitt Romney, his likely opponent in November’s election, says the U.S. must spend more on the Pentagon now because it will pay off with a stronger economy in the long run.

Analysts said the differences stem from a deep philosophical divide. One camp, bolstered by military officers who say the debt is a major national security issue, argues that slowing spending now will create a stronger America in the future.

But Mr. Romney’s side argues that the U.S. can’t foster the kind of stability that is needed around the world without maintaining a powerful and well-funded military in the near term, said Jim Talent, a former Republican senator from Missouri who once served on the Senate Armed Services Committee and is a special adviser to the campaign.

It’s the classic “peace through strength” philosophy, said Mr. Talent. He said global stability fosters economic growth, which benefits U.S. businesses, who then pay more in taxes because they are more prosperous.

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