Obama’s All the Rage

From American Thinker:

Obama ran for president four years ago in the guise of Martin Luther King, the man of reconciliation and peace. He has governed like his hero Malcolm X, the celebrated radical of Obama’s crowd. That’s why Attorney General Holder is now running the most biased Justice Department since Jim Crow. That’s why the Obama’s acceptance speech had to be moved to a smaller venue.
This time the candidate can’t be MLK anymore, and his chances depend on making you believe he is inevitable again. That’s the media mission for the next eight weeks. If you don’t show up, they can win. You are now the target of a campaign of 24/7 demoralization.
The polls are over-sampling O voters and under-sampling Romney votes. All they have is somebody’s word on the phone that they intend to vote for Obama. They use math models to decide whom to believe. Like global warming, you can play a lot of games with math models.
If you tamper with likely voter samples you can prove anything. The media have gotten away with that for years and years, using engineered samples disguised as facts. You start with the answer you want and cherry pick the facts that support your conclusion. It’s Sex, Lies and Democrats.
Obama’s amazing mud-slinging is aimed at the ignorant middle, the gullible who can be made to believe anything. They may well decide this election.
“Wouldn’t it be nice to kill all the Republicans?” said a nice liberal lady at a Labor Day barbecue. When I asked her about that she laughed it off. But she said it with a big smile, as if that’s the funny joke in her crowd. That’s rage, lady. It’s not a joke.

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