Oil Production Presents a Huge Dilemma

From The Sacramento Bee:

California is an auto-dependent society, with 25 million licensed drivers – two-thirds of our population – and 30 million motor vehicles consuming 16 billion gallons of fuel each year to rack up 329 billion miles of travel on 172,000 miles of roads, streets and highways.

That evolution was fueled, as it were, by an abundance of cheap oil. California was one of the nation’s earliest oil producers and still is its third most productive state, but after peaking at nearly 400 million barrels a year in 1985, in-state production has slowly declined to half that level now.

Therefore as the state’s population expanded, as vehicular travel increased – doubling in the last 30 years – and as demand for petroleum increased, our supply has increasingly come from elsewhere.

Photo courtesy of Lyndi&Jason, flickr

Photo courtesy of Lyndi&Jason, flickr


  1. It appear to me the enviro”MENTAL” ist, greenies and Luddies are scared to death California is going to become prosperous again. If they don’t want prosperity, then they can get out of the state!!!

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