Oregon’s suit against federal agents rejected by U.S. judge

A U.S. judge Friday denied an order sought by Oregon’s attorney general to stop federal agents from arresting people during nightly protests in Portland that have roiled the progressive city and pitted local officials against the Trump administration.

U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman said the state lacked standing to sue on behalf of protesters.

Demonstrators have taken to the streets to oppose racial injustice and police brutality since George Floyd’s killing by Minneapolis police two months ago, and the protests have sometimes spiraled into violence. President Trump in response sent in federal agents early this month, despite outcry from Democratic leaders in Oregon. …

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  1. You can blame this on the stupid mayor of Portland and the governor of the State. All they need to do 54 days AGO was to declare a curfew in the “zone” and let the police do their job.

  2. Donald J says

    Anziani, That common sense solution does not fit their “Agenda”.

  3. Blue liberal states are lawless states.

    California is right there too.

    It is lawlessness, liberal elected officials ordering police chief to not enforce existing laws on the books, that began the homeless situation, which has now been allowed to turn into an alternative way to live in many states that do not enforce the laws.

    Agenda 21- 30 is also responsible for much of the decay that we are seeing and experiencing in all liberal states whose elected officials have chosen to subscribe to an agenda of International rules imposed on the US through UN influence.

    Much of what is happening behind the scenes is the direct result of China and big money from Soros, etc. and even the Hoover Institute, we found out today.

    Anti-American thinking and its result is now being seen throughout the country, all a result of indoctrination of our youth by schools/colleges/media/social media. Leaving California is not the answer. Negative forces are abound in all states in different degrees. It is not time to run and surrender, but stand and be seen and heard.

    These efforts have existed and have been allowed to exist for many years now, and are culminating in what is an inevitable negative effect on America and every American.

    President Trump is the only force standing against all this. Should he lose this election, or should he not take the House & Senate, as well, we are in for more of the destruction of our culture and our freedoms.
    We all need to be a force for good in any way we can to stand up against the negative influences and anti-Americans among us today. Taking part in any demonstrations you can attend is one way to stand up and be counted.

  4. A Patriot says

    Prayers are needed for this nation. We are headed down the drain and will soon be the worse 3rd world nation, if people don’t wake up and protect the law abiding citizens and stop protecting the criminals. Remember to vote…………… against Socialism…………..

  5. Damocles says

    Question , if the people you vote against are the ones who count the votes and there is no way to check to see if your vote did in fact count towards the person or initiative then what chance do you think there is to ” Vote ” out the corrupt , America hating Oligarchs that have seized power here.
    From the Sword of —

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