Paul Ryan Applies a Reality Check to Government, Confusing Pundits

From Forbes:

Pundits aren’t sure what to do with a candidate like Paul Ryan, who has a clear political philosophy and a published set of policies for America’s future. If you think about it, it’s been awhile. Barack Obama has essentially campaigned on his personal narrative with broad promises of “hope” and “change.” John McCain’s appeal was his career as a maverick and a straight-talker. Even Mitt Romney is running more on his resume than his plans.

But Ryan is different. He’s actually read books of political philosophy and has published his own plans for governing: “A Roadmap for America’s Future, Version 2.0.” Of course the attacks on his plans come easily, one ad suggesting his approach to Medicare is like pushing your grandmother’s wheelchair off a cliff, a commercial at least one television station in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin declined to air. But it’s easier to mock Ryan’s economic policies than to counter them with alternatives that will keep Medicare and other government entitlements afloat, much less in the black.

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