Paul Ryan is best Romney VP choice to help win home state, analysis of PPP polls show

From The Daily Caller:

Of all the candidates Mitt Romney is believed to be considering for his running mate, House Budget Chairman PaulRyan is best positioned to help deliver his home state, according to a Daily Caller analysis of multiple polls conducted by Public Policy Polling.

Since May, the Democratic polling firm PPP has been conducting polls in battleground states. In addition to polling direct match-ups between the former Massachusetts governor and President Barack Obama, the firm also tests Romney with each state’s most notable politicalfigures listed as
his running mate versus the ticket of Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Of the nearly three dozen Romney VP candidates tested across 15 states since mid-May by PPP, none helps Romney improve his position better in the potentialrunning mate’s home state than Ryan in

According to a PPP poll ofWisconsin from early June, Obama outpolls Romney in the state 50 percent to 44 percent. But with Ryan as Romney’s running mate, Obama’s lead narrows to just one percentage point.

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