Paul Ryan lays out education, economy, Medicare and foreign policy in interview

From The Daily Caller:

In an interview with conservative radio host Mark Levin on Wednesday, Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan took 15 minutes to lay out how he and his running mate Mitt Romney intend to tackle some of nation’s most challenging problems.

Partial transcript and highlights below


“The core of our education plan is to put parents back in charge, to respect federalism, respect states’ rights, but do what we can to deal with the interest groups, mainly the teachers’ unions that are standing in the way of parental control and choice in education, and for adults — people who lost their jobs, who are mid-career,” he said.

Ryan went on to explain that he wants to consolidate some of the job training programs spread out over seven bureaucracies, which he said are very difficult to study for success rates, and to open up more school choice programs, which had been blocked by the Obama administration early in his term.

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