Pelosi: House plans to charge Trump

Citing President Trump’s “assault on our democracy,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday for the first time that the House would move to impeach him in the wake of last week’s ransacking of the U.S. Capitol, unless Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet agree to remove him under the 25th Amendment.

Pelosi’s plan, disclosed in a letter to colleagues, came as a second Republican senator called on Trump to resign over his incitement of the mob that attacked the seat of Congress on Wednesday, marking an intensifying push by lawmakers to force Trump from power before his term ends at noon on Jan. 20.

“We are calling on the vice president to respond within 24 hours,” Pelosi wrote. “Next, we will proceed with bringing impeachment legislation to the floor. In protecting our Constitution and our democracy, we will act with urgency, because this president represents an imminent threat to both.” …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. Stan Sexton says

    There was no incitement and George Soros had Antifa ready to go. The grossly censored press just won’t tell you the truth. Just like the suppression of HunterGate. Look forward to a future of Massive Censorship. Yesterday’s Tucker Carlson covered that in detail.

    • You are absolutely right. It is scary at how biased (predicted) the press has become. Refer to the Communist Goals. Over time, one by one…………

  2. Maxine Waters started the ball rolling before President Donald Trump was elected and has been after him sense. California is a greater hater of Trump. They hate God Almighty and Believers in Jesus. That’s the real target. Remember Hillary Clinton calling Believers in Jesus, deplorables and needed to be put in Reeducation Camps.

    • Jesus Beltran says

      Janice, racist POS, believers of Jesus DO NOT lock-up little, innocent, poor children as young as two months in cages as if they were animals because they are not White.
      You racist devils want to eat your own cunts and have it, too. 🙂

      • Jesus Beltran says

        To whom it may concern and to Youtube and Google Administrators: Stephen Frank is a racist pig and White Supremacist who might be involved in the Capitol Insurrection and who also runs a crap website where a lot of white supremacists incite violence and they spread racism and hatred against minorities. We must bring this racist pig to justice. He has been spreading his racist venom for decades. I find it very insulting and offensive that Youtube and Google give these racist animals a free platform where they can run their racist, genocidal agenda. Please do the right thing and take this racist animal off your platform. Thank you so very much!

  3. The only threat POTUS Trump is to the D.C. Swamp and the CP front the Democratic Party. The Washington rats are terrified that leaving our POTUS in office will allow him more time to expose their graft and corruption using the American Citizens tax monies to enrich their own pockets. This past election(?) has to be a horrible embarrassment for actual centrist Democratic voters. The obvious fraud unavoidable.The deranged swamp must do and say everything possible as they know our POTUS will be elected in 2024 to straighten out the mess they are going to create for America. Keep in mind “THEY” are after us and our freedom not him. He got in the way of their “Take America Down From Within” Agenda.

    • Jesus Beltran says

      Donald J. I know for a fact that Dotard J. Dumbfrp (AKA the racist pussy grabber, child molester, sexual predator, peeping Tom, child abuser, pathological liar, con-artist thief, incestuous worm, drug addicted orange orangutan bitch, fascist traitor dictator, coward, yellow belly draft dodger, tax-cheater, etcX1000) is a swamp all by himself. If the United Nations does not prosecute the racist monster bitch for crimes against humanity. I am 100% sure the rapist, peeping Tom bitch will be brought to justice by the people whose rights he has trampled. (of course, legally)

  4. I am sick of the tyrannical far left picking Trump and our government to pieces. Move to another
    country…….this one has worked out just fine, thank you!

  5. Jesus Beltran says

    Lee, if you are not a descendant of the indigenous natives, then, you should move to another country, racist bitch.

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