‘Pension Spiking’ Ban Upheld by CA Supreme Court

For two decades, it was a treasured perk for some county employees across California: the ability to boost their pensions by cashing out unused vacation or sick leave, or working extra hours, at the end of their careers.

In some cases, workers received more in pension payments than they earned while working.

But with the state’s economy struggling and a pension crisis looming, then-Gov. Jerry Brown backed a sweeping reform measure in 2013 that prohibited county workers from “pension spiking.” Labor unions sued to overturn the new law.

On Thursday, in one of several closely watched pension cases, the California Supreme Court sided with the state, unanimously upholding a provision of the 2013 law that prohibited pension spiking by county workers. …

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    I dont disagree with the courts decision on this at all.

  2. This used to be called buying votes but nowadays it is called corruption. If you look up corruption in Webster’s dictionary it will show you a picture of a Dimmocrat that looks surprisingly like Alfred E. Neumann.

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