PG&E is accused of trying to dodge wildfire responsibilities

PG&E was accused on Monday of attempting to dodge potential liabilities in a lethal Wine Country inferno, at a time when fire victims must wrestle with two separate deadlines to file claims related to a series of deadly blazes.

The utility — a convicted felon for federal crimes it committed before and after a fatal gas explosion in San Bruno — is under fire because of the company’s attempts to convince a U.S. bankruptcy judge to predict how a jury would determine PG&E’s liability for a catastrophic Wine Country conflagration in 2017 known as the Tubbs Fire.

“What is going on here is PG&E is once again attempting to avoid responsibility for its fires and its actions,” said Robert Julian, an attorney with the Baker Hostetler law firm, which is representing fire victims with potential claims before the bankruptcy court. PG&E filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January to attempt to reorganize its shattered finances. …

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  1. Brenda Torres says

    In my humble opinion, it’s Not just the PG&E to blame for the Outrageous Damages done by the Wildfire that Burned Savagely through all that Underbrush, Dead and Dying Tree that should have been cleared away by the Government!!! I believe that Fire could have been controlled Much Sooner if the Government had done it’s Job!!!

  2. This “criminal” mindset Sacramento has for PG&E is political with a more sinister goal. It won’t work, besides a felon label is a resume enhancement
    for democrats.

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