Pleasant Hill CA In-N-Out Fined Over COVID Vaccine Rules

A second In-N-Out restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area faces a fight with health officials over COVID-19 vaccine rules.

The chain’s Pleasant Hill restaurant has been fined twice, for $250 and $500, for not checking the vaccination status of indoor diners, as required, Contra Costa County health officials told KPIX. The county imposed the second fine Tuesday.

In-N-Out earlier blasted San Francisco officials for ordering the chain’s only restaurant there to briefly close over the same rules, McClatchy News reported.

“We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government,” Arnie Wensinger, the chain’s chief legal and business officer, said in a statement to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. I stand behind In-N-Out 100% on this it is not their business to check and see if people are vaccinated it’s nobody’s business who’s vaccinated or not vaccinated makes no difference in the government is out of control especially in California and in the White House they have all become total dictators tyrants and I wish people would wake up and start voting all of these crazy power mongering idiots out of office and that goes for all the rest of the states here in the USA In-N-Out should just tell California Governor nuisance to shove it up his hind in where the sun don’t shine

  2. I’ll head over to Pleasant Hill shortly for a burger. The mandate is ridiculous. It’s all about control and power and not about the science.

  3. It would end this dictatorial mandate if all restaurants joined in and refused to become the socialist government’s police.

  4. Protect Freedom says

    Meanwhile, no government official, including Dr. Fauchi, has provided any scientific evidence that someone who has natural COVID antibodies, from already having the virus, benefits from having a vaccine. None!

    They also continue to ignore CDC data that shows you have a 1 in 48,000 chance of dying by being vaccinated. Those don’t sound like very good odds to me.

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