Poll: Sanders leads in California’s presidential primary

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is now the outright leader in voter preferences in California’s upcoming March 3rd Democratic presidential primary. The latest Berkeley IGS Poll completed last week finds Sanders to be the choice of 26% of likely voters in the Democratic primary. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is second at 20%, followed by former Vice President Joe Biden at 15%. No other Democrat is in double digits.

Attaining the 15% threshold in the California primary is paramount, since the state’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention are awarded only to candidates who receive at least 15% of the vote either statewide or within the state’s fifty-three congressional district elections.

Support for Warrenhas been fading since September when a Berkeley IGS Poll had her in the lead.Sanders has been the chief beneficiaryof Warren’s decline, as he now receives 41% backing from strongly liberal voters, up from 31% in September when he was trailing Warren.

The late entry of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg into the race also has the potential to significantly impact Biden in his quest to capture a portion of California’s 495 convention delegates, the most of any state. While the latest poll finds support for Bloomberg at just 6%, this is up from 2% two months ago, and most of it is coming from older voters and political moderates, undercutting Biden, who had consistently been the poll leader among these constituencies. Any further expansion in Bloomberg’s support could jeopardize Biden’s ability to remain at the 15% threshold he’ll need to be awarded convention delegates from this state on Super Tuesday. …

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  1. Brenda Torres says

    No Surprise Here!!! California is a ‘Socialist’ State and just a look at our streets overflowing with the Homeless, Filth and Disease proves it…

  2. no surprise here…

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