Rail plan splits GOP leaders; Huff is for it, Dutton opposed

From the Daily Bulletin:

From boondoggle to significant?

The man who many believe will be the next Republican leader in the state Senate has a completely different viewpoint on the state’s proposed high-speed rail plan than the current holder of that position.

Sen. Bob Huff, R-Walnut, sees the plan as critical to improving the California economy. The man he may replace as GOP leader, Sen. Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga, sees the San Francisco-to-Anaheim line as simply a waste of money.

Dutton’s opposition didn’t change this week following the release of a business plan that gave a detailed look at the project and pegged its cost at nearly $100 billion over 20 years.

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  1. Alfred Roensch says

    Pipe dream. We can’t afford it. California politicians have so screwed up our economy that we can’t even afford a train set. I am off to Nevada where the taxes are not so burdensome. Build the rail between California and Las Vegas and we can all buy a one way ticket.

  2. expectingbetter says

    It is a poorly conceived plan that starts at ” no where” and ends at “no where” with the first phase. It was sold at a certain projected cost which has sky rocket. Try to sell that idea & bond issue today and you would be run out of California. Bob Huff sounds as if he has been smoking that Hope & Change pipe of Obama’s.

  3. Jon crawford says

    If the cost has tripled in three years, how much will it increase in 20 years. My question is:
    How can anyone with common sense support this boondoggle? The only answer is that they have there hand in the public’s pocket. California has the best politicians that money can buy and this rail system is proof.

  4. If private industry can’t afford, we can’t. The government can not fund everything. Let’s not have
    another disaster which is what the current rail system is.

  5. Ed Montgomery says

    The high speed rail has been a multi-million dollar waste since I was in high school back in 1971. They wanted to do it then and will not give up.
    It is a waste. We continue to discuss and waste money on a project that will never go forward becasue it is a waste.
    Let it die a natural death and leave it alone.

  6. For crying out loud,California is BROKE!!!!! Scrap this ridiculous idea. What part don’t you idiots understand???? Kick the United Nations Agenda 21 crap out of the United States of America,Dismantle the EPA and get this Country up and going again. Every one of you yahoos have violated the Constitution,along with the California State Constitution. If your corrupt get the hell out of Government,Local,State,Federal pack it up. Patriots! go to standupamericaus.org read “National Call to United Action” by Major General Paul Vallely-State and Federal March on 11-11-11. Time for this bunch to be replaced,no more marxists,communists,socialists or muslims in Government.

  7. sidewinderaz says

    What is it with CA politicians? The state is broke, people are out of work because they make such an unfriendly environment for any businesses to run here and their hands are picking the people’s pockets from cradle to grave. When are the people in this state going to start electing some responsible people to represent them in Sacrament and Washington D.C.?
    It’s no surprise that responsible people and businesses are leaving the state in droves for more hospitable places (and I’m not talking about the weather either).
    CA is the laughing stock of the country. It’s last in nearly every positive category and first in nearly every negative one. CA won’t need a seismic event for it to fall into the ocean. It will do so under its own weight in debt and freeloaders.

  8. There is no one to blame except the people that put these clowns in office in the first place. It is the Democrats in San Francisco,and L.A.,Hollywood , and a mentality that the Gov. will come and take care of you. The money that will be borrowed and stole that will never even see the palns of this diaster in the making.Wake up californians and get rid of the democrats in Sac. and D.C.

  9. Perhaps we can raise a few more billion to upgrade our aging whaling fleet as well.

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