Recent Rains Nearly Eliminate California Drought

Recent rains have saturated California and reduced the portion of the state deemed to be abnormally dry to just 3.6%, according to the Drought Monitor released Thursday.

One week ago, the Drought Monitor showed 85.3% of the state as abnormally dry. Now, 96.4% of the state is drought free.

The data in the report released Thursday are as of Tuesday, so there is a slight lag between when the data are compiled and when they’re released.

The U.S. Drought Monitor is produced jointly by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. …

Click here to read the full article from the L.A. Times.


  1. Don’t worry , California government will find a way to twist this into another emergency somehow and then demand more tax money and bond money to fix another problem that does not exist.
    From the Sword of ——————-

  2. Damocles, you left out “and use the money instead for bike lanes to combat climate Armageddon”!

  3. Yet not one new reservoir or improvements on existing ones,despite bonds
    passed to do so. The majority of the runoff still goes to the ocean.Insanity.

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