Record-breaking California wildfires surpass 4 million acres

In a year that has already brought apocalyptic skies and smothering smoke to the West Coast, California set a grim new record Sunday when officials announced that the wildfires of 2020 have now scorched a record 4 million acres — in a fire season that is far from over.

The unprecedented figure — an area larger than the state of Connecticut — is more than double the previous record for the most land burned in a single year in California.

“The 4 million mark is unfathomable. It boggles the mind, and it takes your breath away,” said Scott McLean, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, known as Cal Fire. “And that number will grow.”

So far, in this year’s historic fire season, more than 8,200 California wildfires have killed 31 people and scorched “well over 4 million acres in California” or 6,250 square miles, Cal Fire said Sunday in a statement. The blazes have destroyed more than 8,400 buildings. …

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  1. How many of these fires are purposely Man Made? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Loretta Davi says

      I wonder, if we the people, who think things through by reason. would be able to cause a shift in the thinking on the other side. I do not believe people in general know what has been happening to our Forests the last 30-50 years when the word environmental became popular and then became a movement…I believe we need to educate people over and over and over again what is causing our fires. The lack of care due by not cleaning up the dead trees, brush, over growth over the years, leaving it to rot on the ground, causing bugs that cause blight on good trees, lack of rain, lack of cutting trees down called logging for new homes or new govt apt buildings for the govt poor…another problem.
      Every once in a while I will ask a college student what is your idea of the Environment, it will be something like the republicans did or didn’t do…how do we keep our forests healthy…no logic in cause.
      ‘How does my garden grow?’

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