Remembering Kelly Ernby, A Dedicated Public Servant

The tragic passing of Orange County Deputy District Attorney Kelly Ernby from COVID-19 has brought forth praise for this wonderful woman’s devotion to her family, her friends, her work and her country.

She was a passionate and dedicated public servant.  She worked hard as a highly skilled prosecutor. She advocated for the people.

She handled civil and criminal prosecutions of unlawful business practices, false advertising, labor violations, environmental pollution, unlawful prescribing of narcotic pills and workplace safety violations.

She also volunteered with the DA’s Gang Reduction Intervention Program to educate children, teachers and parents about staying away from crime, bullying and gangs. This is the kind of work that saves lives.

Within the Republican Party, Kelly took the reins of the Precinct Advisory Committee. She organized our volunteers and mobilized them to Get-Out-The-Vote. She dedicated countless hours recruiting and developing grassroots workers. She brought forth a devotion for this role that I had not seen for many years.

I didn’t always agree with Kelly. But I have been left frustrated and disappointed in those who have disparaged her to score cheap political points.

Kelly was not only a wife and daughter, but she was a human being.  Within hours after word got out on her passing, the airwaves reduced her life of public service to a “trending topic.”

Disagreeing with someone’s views is one thing. But besmirching her for causing the death of others is unconscionable.  Have we lost all our social graces, respect for the dead and any humility?

The worst was by state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, a physician and pediatrician. He tweeted, “Tragically Kelly Ernby died of #COVID19 because she was unvaccinated, but sadly she infected others with #coronavirus or vaccine disinformation before she died that will led to death or disability for others in her community.”

But none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci told ABC News on August 1, “In fact recent studies have shown the level of virus in the nasopharynx of a vaccinated person, who may not be symptomatic or mildly symptomatic, is the same as an unvaccinated person.”

Then there’s’ the Goldwater Rule, under which it’s unethical for physicians to publicly comment on the health of politicians not their patients. Pan was not her physician. He never examined her and only was going by media reports. His statement went well beyond the politics of the situation.

Ernby’s views were like many of those within the Republican Party, who believe personal liberty should determine the direction of your individual lifestyle, including health care.

Personally, I am vaccinated and I believe vaccinations work.  However, I completely oppose government mandated vaccinations.

It’s important to determine what works for you. I consulted with doctors and medical professionals. What works for me, though, doesn’t necessarily work for you. It’s why I don’t ask people if they are vaccinated and why I don’t get mad at others if I find out they haven’t received their vaccinations. 

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  1. Stan Sexton says

    As always, the info on the victim is very inadequate. What was the actual cause of death? How was her immune system? Did she take any supplements for enhanced immunity? What was she given in the hospital? If I was the next of kin, I would pay for an autopsy. For every example like her, there are thousands of deaths from the vaccine. But she makes an easy example for the Covidians to use.

  2. I agree with Stan. There is so much missing from this story except that Kelly wasn’t vaccinated. Personally, I am more scared of the vaccine than I am of getting COVID. Friends and I agree that if you have COVID and are put in the hospital, you might as well write your obituary on the way over. Hospitals are NOT using the medications available because what seems to work is not profitable. Without more details, we do not know enough.

    Having said that, Kelly Ernby was a very enthusiastic patriot who will be missed by many. The tributes to her share what a loss it is to our Republican community. May Kelly Ernby Rest In Peace.

  3. She died of a blood clot while gardening at her home. She was never hospitalized for Covid. No one knows if this blood clot was caused by Covid or some other reason. The reporting on this story is horrific.

  4. Thank you, Lou for the information. Sounds like a pulmonary embolism.

    News outlets are reporting her husband saying something that isn’t clear, that, “she wasn’t vaxxed, that was the problem.”

    Is the truth that she didn’t get prompt treatment for the PE because she wasn’t vaxxed? That’s a problem all right.

    Lou, do you know if she was at an area hospital at all or did she die at home?

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