Republican John Cox’s ‘neighborhood’ lawmakers initiative fails to make the ballot

An effort to radically reshape California’s legislative branch of government by electing as many as 12,000 local representatives failed on Tuesday to qualify for the November state ballot.

The proposal’s backer, Republican businessman and candidate for governor John Cox, spent six years trying to get his “Neighborhood Legislature” plan in front of voters. State elections officials announced that the latest campaign fell short by 25,501 valid voter signatures.

More than 234,000 signatures collected by petition circulators were rejected after several weeks of additional review by local registrars.

Cox, of San Diego County, sought to substantially change the way members of the Legislature are elected, by handing over the selection of the men and women who serve in Sacramento to newly created neighborhood councils. The specifics of his measure would have required the election of 12,000 neighborhood representatives, from whose ranks the 120 serving at the state Capitol would be chosen. He insisted the sweeping change to legislative elections would make lawmakers more responsive to Californians by creating new representation at the local level. …

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