Rick Santorum’s Winning Strategy

From The Daily Caller:

In 2012, Republicans were dead wrong about President Obama. With unemployment over 8 percent and the long-delayed economic recovery nowhere in sight, they assumed that he would lose to anyone they nominated. Obama had promised “hope and change,” but he had provided no hope, and the change was all for the worse. Even the liberal mainstream media expected that “anybody but Obama” would win in November.

Yet the president cruised to re-election. The critical swing voters — blue collar Americans from industrial and rural communities with generally conservative values — swung for Obama or stayed home. The people hurt most by the president’s disastrous policies chose him over Mitt Romney.

In the post-election polling, one amazing fact jumped out: Those who voted for a candidate because he “cared more” about people like them chose President Obama over Governor Romney by 81 to 18 percent. Even if you win voters over on your governing philosophy, leadership, and managerial competence, it’s hard to win an election if they think you don’t care about them.

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Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore, flickr

Photo courtesy Gage Skidmore, flickr


  1. That was kinda like my younger (liberal/freeloader) brother’s feelings were. (he’s the Black sheep of the family, so to speak) He didn’t vote in the 2012 elections and provided the following reasoning for not voting for Romney. “I don’t see what a rich white guy will do for me, and I wasn’t really happy with Obama the past 4 years so I just didn’t vote”. (He admits to voting for Obama in 2008, to extract whatever social benefits he could)
    He has since been eliminated from my trust, which will infuriate him to no end, in that he will feel he is not getting something that he is “entitled” to.

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