Romney promises to get tough with Iran

From The Washington Times:

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said this weekend that President Obama failed to lessen the risks of a nuclear-armed Iran because he came into office promising to meet with, rather than confront, that nation’s leaders — and vowed to impose “crippling sanctions” himself.
Speaking to NBC’s “Meet the Press” in interviews after Democrats concluded their convention, Mr. Romney also said the president has failed to lead the economic recovery he promised, and he predicted four years of “chronic high unemployment” if Mr. Obama is re-elected.
And he boiled down his own presidential ticket’s appeal to a slogan: “It’s basically you want more jobs? You want higher income? Then vote for Romney and [vice presidential nominee Paul] Ryan.”
Mr. Romney sat out most of last week as Mr. Obama accepted his party’s nomination to run for a second term, but in the days since then, the GOP’s candidate has stepped up his campaign.
On Friday he announced a series of new ads running in eight battleground states — tapping into his general election campaign funds, which is one area where he is expected to be able to go toe-to-toe with the Obama campaign.
After being criticized by both Democrats and some in his own party for spending too little time talking about national security at his nominating convention, Mr. Romney took a hard line on Mr. Obama’s performance.

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