Romney rips Obama on China

From The Washington Times:

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in his weekly podcast address on Saturday ripped President Obama for “driving jobs overseas.”

Mr. Romney, who opened his remarks by noting the deaths of four Americans killed during the attack on a diplomatic mission in Libya on Tuesday, said the incident is evidence of the need for “strong American leadership” in the world.

Mr. Romney said strong leadership abroad depends on a strong economy at home.

“Political gridlock threatens to plunge us back into recession, but instead of seeking bipartisan solutions, President Obama is passively allowing us to go over a fiscal cliff,” Mr. Romney said.

The former Massachusetts governor said the president has bungled trade relations with China.

“In 2008, candidate Obama promised to take China to the mat,” he said in the pre-recorded remarks. “But since then he’s let China run all over us.”
Mr. Romney said if he and running mate Paul Ryan are elected, “to keep more jobs in American, we will label China a currency manipulator.

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