S.F. School Board Removes Iconic School Names Including Washington and Lincoln

The names of presidents, conquistadors, authors and even a current U.S. senator will be removed from 44 San Francisco school sites after the city’s school board Tuesday deemed the iconic figures unworthy of the honor.

The 6-1 vote followed months of controversy, with officials, parents, students and alumni at odds over whether Abraham Lincoln and George Washington high schools, Dianne Feinstein Elementary and dozens of others needed new names with no connection to slavery, oppression, racism or similar criteria.

Critics called the process slapdash, with little to no input from historians and a lack of information on the basis for each recommendation. In one instance, the committee didn’t know whether Roosevelt Middle School was named after Theodore or Franklin Delano. …

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  1. Did anyone expect anything different?

    You voted the mentally challenge into office. This is the group mob of the French Revolution all over again, and the worst of it is in the riots of L.A., Seattle, Portland, etc. etc. etc.

    The only problem is this is an extinct political plan that is being dug up from it grave.

    Anyone have a wooden stake?

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