San Francisco plans to redirect $120 million from law enforcement to Black community

San Francisco officials plan to redirect $120 million over the next two years from the budgets of the police and sheriff’s departments to fund investments in the city’s Black community.

The money is intended as a gesture of reparations for decades of city policymaking that have created or exacerbated deep inequities for San Francisco’s African American residents.

Following George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis, Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Shamann Walton pledged in June to shift funding from the city’s Police Department. The nationwide civil rights protests that followed Floyd’s death amplified calls for civic leaders to shift resources from law enforcement agencies to initiatives that improve people’s socioeconomic conditions. …

Click here to read the full article from the San Francisco Chronicle.


  1. Dntgiveup says

    This is so much BS, there aren’t inequalities, look at all the rich athletes, doctors etc we all have the same opportunities we just have to throw away the drinking and drugs and pursue them. They want to teach law enforcement how to handle arrests peacefully, instead of doing that teach all the criminals of every race on how to interact with the police if they want to live. All but a few videos I’ve seen all of these people that ended up being a statistic was do to their own actions. Anyone that knowingly commits a crime be it robbery, murder, driving under the influence or drug usage and sales have already placed a target on themselves so if you get caught act civilized because it’s your choice, jail or an early grave.

  2. Given the population percentage of black people in San Francisco,this is nothing more than a pocket lining scheme of the communist democrat “leadership”.

  3. Well, yet another racist policy fostered by the progressives to put blacks back on the plantation under the guise of “helping” them. This is nothing more than Marxist redistribution of taxpayers wealth in a shiny “don’t look at the truth” package.

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