San Francisco puts Lincoln’s legacy under a microscope

The statue sat like a red stain on the lawn in front of San Francisco City Hall. Abraham Lincoln’s chiseled face was covered in paint, his etched name highlighted in the bloody color at the base of the monument.

As San Francisco, like many parts of the country, grapples with how best to memorialize historic figures, the statue of the 16th president sat red-faced — literally — in front of the government building the day after Christmas.

City workers cleaned the sculpted artwork on Monday, said Nancy Hayden Crowley, San Francisco County sheriff’s director of communications.

“The damage to the statue was superficial,” Crowley wrote in an email. “President Lincoln has been restored.”

But questions about a San Francisco-size blot on Lincoln’s legacy remain. …

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  1. If you want to ban naming something after someone because sometime during their life they did something that some group considers bad then you will have to change the name of anything that is named after anyone. Nobody is perfect. I am sure if you looked hard enough you would find that MLK most likely did something that would offend some group or another so all the streets with his name would have to be renamed. So we either have to admit that nobody is perfect and we can honor somebody for the one or two major things they did despite the fact that they did some things that were not so good or we take every ones name of every street, school, and building and everything else. So what will it be no names on anything or admit people are not perfect??

  2. The left’s goal is the destruction of America. Lincoln represents a major pillar of of American history and values and thus a target. The real question is when does America recognize the leftist communist democrats and their allies in the media as a domestic enemy and fight back and defeat them.

  3. And people wonder why context is important.

    The sickness in the Radical Left that has created a terminal cancer in the Democrat Party is amazing.

    The question is has it spread making it impossible to cure?

    Multiple layers of sickness based upon a dis-proven concept of life and freedom.

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