San Francisco’s Poop Problem Is Worsening

There has been an increase in the number of complaints about feces in the streets of San Francisco lately, according to city data obtained by rental site RentHop.

RentHop found using public data from the city’s website where people can complain to the city about reports of human and animal waste that the city has received more than 25,000 complaints about fecal matter between January and November of this year.

“Its a serious public health concern. Its a public relations concern when you have a city that’s driven by tourism and conventions and visitors from all over the world. Its frankly embarrassing,” one San Francisco resident told KRON.

According to RentHop, the city’s 311 reporting system for human and animal waste complaints received 28,315 complaints about feces in 2018— up 35 percent from 2017. …

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  1. The question is, how many poop removers did the city hire at $100K a year? They’re clearly not doing their jobs.

  2. is the poop from the politicians as well?

  3. The solution is quite clear……When you visit San Francisco be sure to pack your galoshes. Better yet, have a kiosk at the airport selling these rubber booties, subsidized by the city.

  4. Absolutely and the biggest turd will be sitting In the San Francisco district attorneys office soon.

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