San Ramon high school students ban national anthem from rallies

Students at California High School in San Ramon decided at a recent pep rally that the national anthem will no longer be played, bucking tradition and drawing the school into a national controversy about what and whom the anthem represents.

At the start of a winter pep rally Jan. 19, the anthem wasn’t performed. No announcement was made and the rally started with competitions between different grades, organized cheers and other activities intended to pump up students.

Dennis Fiorentinos, 18, a senior at California High, was one of a handful of people who noticed.

“They’ve always played the national anthem, so I thought maybe they just forgot, but then I realized there’s no way they just forgot the national anthem,” Fiorentinos told The Chronicle.

He inquired about the anthem’s absence and learned that the Associated Student Body and other student leaders had decided to remove it from the rally — something Fiorentinos views as an overreach. …

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  1. I say omit all American tax payer’s money from their school because if there is not national anthem there is no America. They can play the Mexican anthem and get their funding and educational needs from Mexico. Second thought they can relocate to Mexico they would be a lot happier in a socialized country instead of trying to revamp a country that pried itself away from the decaying, communist-Alinsky thinking that people actually fled from! Viva la Mexico ungrateful, hateful and brainwashed Democratic racists! They did after all begin the party of hate, the true originators of the KKK. Kind of like the SEIU, same mentality, thuggery.

  2. These kids are looking for any excuse to whine about anything. They are complaining about one line in a verse the 99% of the population does not even no exists because it is never played or sung. Stupid

  3. The Bay area is noted for their hatred of America. San Franciscans hate everything about the United States of America. Jerry Brown and his cohorts have filed the same law suits that the southern states filed prior to the civil war.

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