Scalia: ‘Limitations’ possible for gun control

From The Washington Times:

In a rare interview Sunday morning, longtime conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke about big decisions the court has made on health care, gun control and abortion.

Justice Scalia, 76, criticized the Supreme Court, and specifically, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., for upholding President Obama’s health care law by what he said amounted to stretching the rules. “There was no way to regard this [health care act] as a tax,” he told Fox News Sunday while speaking about his new book. “It simply does not bear that meaning.”

But the Supreme Court’s first female justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, now retired, last week defended her fellow conservative, Chief Justice Roberts, from accusations from other quarters that he was a “traitor.”

“It’s unfortunate,” Justice O’Connor told the Senate Judiciary Committee. “Comments like that demonstrate, only too well, the lack of understanding that some of our citizens have about the role of the judicial branch.”

But Justice Scalia said he doesn’t let losses like this shake his confidence in the Supreme Court’s ability to make the right decisions going forward. “I’m no more discouraged than ever, you win some, you lose some,” he said.

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