Sentencing Delayed for Sen. Rod Wright

From The Sacramento Bee:

For the second time, the sentencing hearing for suspended state Sen. Rod Wright has been delayed for two months in the criminal trial that alleged he lied about where he lived when he ran for office in 2008.

A Los Angeles jury found the Democrat guilty in January of eight perjury and voter fraud felonies for claiming a home in Inglewood as his official address while he actually lived a few miles away in the tonier community of Baldwin Hills. Wright’s sentencing was originally set for March but wasdelayed until May 16. Today it was delayed again, this time until July 21, according to Wright’s lawyer Winston Kevin McKesson.

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rod wright


  1. All while he receives his taxpayer sponsored salary????

  2. JLSeagull says

    Slap his butt in jail while awaiting sentencing. He has already been convicted by a jury. He can always file appeals from his jail cell – in happens all the time.

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